Johan Bringmans — Aviation Artwork

Portfolio – Portraits

Portrait of my father, acrylics on canvas 40x50cm
In Memoriam portrait of Colonel Steve Nuyts – Belgian Air Force – leader of the ‘Slivers’ aerobatic team. Acrylics on canvas 40x50cm
Portrait of my mother, acrylics on canvas size 40x50cm

3 sisters! Commissionzd painting for a colleague featuring his 3 young daughters. For this painting the Palette was reduced to 3 colors, Oxyd Black, Payne’s Grey and Titanium White mixed in a range of 7 tonal values creating the black and white look. Acrylic paint on stretched Linnen on 3D frame, size 80x60cm.
Commissioned painting for a colleague, featuring his wife and dog. Acrylics on stretched linnen 3D fram, size 80x60cm