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A formation of Belgian Air Force 20th Squadron, 15th Transport Wing C-111G Flying Boxcars return home from a mission.
Spitfire FR Mk14E SG-112 coded B2-J from the Flying Perfection Squadron based at Koksijde 1953. Acrylics on canvas 90x60cm
French designed flying boat, the Latécoère 631, Acrylics on canvas 90×60 cm
‘Thunderflash reconnaissance’

Two Belgian Air Force RF-84F Thunderflash from 42 Recce Squadron on the way to their targets for some photo-reconnaissance.
Acrylics on canvas 70x50cm
This painting was made in memory of Capt. Martijn Vleminckx of the 10th Wing, 23 ‘Devils’ Squadron, Belgian Air Force. He was involved in an accident on January 15th, 1976 at the Nordhorn bombing range in Germany, during a weapons delivery exercise. The aircraft involved was F-104G Starfighter FX46. The original painting is now with his family.
Acrylics on canvas 60x40cm.
‘Low level Training’

Dassault Mirage 5BD serial BD09 of 8th Squadron, Belgian Air Force pictured during low-level training.
Acrylics on canvas 120x70cm.
‘All-weather Interceptor’

A stylized version of the F-104G Starfighter, inspired by the 1950’s style box top lithos found on early plastic model kits.
Acrylics on Canvas 90x70cm
Fouga Magister Jet Trainer of the Belgian Air Force, Acrylics on Canvas 60x50cm (23,6”x19;6”)
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Douglas AD5 Skyraider of the US Navy Naval Air Station Sand Point in 1962. Acrylics on canvas 100x70cm.
F-104G Starfighter serial FX55 from the Belgian Air Force 1st Wing, 349 Squadron ‘Goedendag’ in 1969. Made to commemorate Major Walter D’Haese who lost his life on June 6th, 1969 when this aircraft crashed due to a malfunction. Acrylics on Canvas sized 60x90cm (23.5 by 35 inches approx)
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‘Pure Interceptor’
Belgian Air Force F-104G Starfighter FX48 from Beauvechain Air Base 1st Wing, 350 Squadron ‘Ambiorix’ in the early 1980’s. Acrylics on Canvas sized 60x90cm (23.5 by 35 inches approx)
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I completed this painting as a remembrance to OLt François Exelmans of the 10th Wing, 23rd ‘Devils’ Squadron of the Belgian Air Force. On October 11th, 1966 his aircraft, F-104G Starfighter FX63 (C/N 683D-9106) developed problems ordering him to bail out. As he was on a low level mission his bail-out margins were small. realizing the aircraft was going to crash on a factory, he stayed put and managed to steer away before ejecting, however it was too late… Acrylics on canvas sized 27,5x20inches or 70x50cm.
Raspberry Ripple Jaguar

This Jaguar T2A belonged to the now disbanded Royal Aircraft Establishment at Bedford in the UK. The color of white red and blue was popularly called the ‘raspberry ripple’ livery,
and was applied to a variety of aircraft they operated. Acrylics on Canvas sized 90x70cm (approx 35×27,5 inches)
‘Princess over London’. 
The Saunders-Roe SR45 Princess flying boat made its first flight in 1952. By 1954 there were only 3 built of which only 1, registered G-ALUN, ever flew.  It was an aircraft of enormous size, but the project got cancelled as there was too much competition of ‘land based’ aircraft by then.
Acrylics on Canvas sized 120×70 cm (approx 47x 27,5 inches)
‘Lazy morning fishing’
Painting in Acrylics on Canvas sized 35×27,5 inch or 90x70cm. The mighty Martin Mars nicknamed ‘Hawaii Mars’ from Coulson’s Flying tankers is about to scoop up some water to extinguish another forest fire. The fishermen are in for a surprise as it comes right overhead.
‘Silver Bird’
A Beech Model 18 turns away from the adverse weather enroute. Acrylics on Canvas sized 60x90cm (23,5×35,5 inch)
‘Don’t mess with me’
An F-14A Tomcat from US Navy’s VF41 ‘Black Aces’ above the clouds against a dramatic backdrop in 1977 when it was assigned to the USS Nimitz as part of CVW-8.
Acrylics on Canvas sized 35×27,5 inch or 90x70cm.
‘Sundowners Phantom’

An F-4B Phantom of VF-111 Sundowners cruising above the clouds. Acrylics on Canvas 90×70 cm or 35×27,5 inches
‘Autumn Beaver’

De Havilland DHC2 Beaver floatplane of US company Carlin Air, just landed on a lake in autumn.
Acrylics on Canvas 120x70cm (approx 47×27,5 inches
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‘Return of the Blue Panther’
27th Squadron ‘Panthers’ F-84G Thunderjets of the Belgian Air Force returning to their base at Kleine-Brogel in 1955. This squadron was known for adorning their aircraft with cartoon figures. In this case Mickey Mouse.
The text ‘I’ll get you t…’ on the nose, most probably was an inside joke as no further info is available. The Squadron was disbanded in 1962.
Acrylics on Canvas 90x70cm (approx 35×27,5 inch)
‘Vulcan XH558’
Avro Vulcan XH558 was active with the RAF from 1960-1993. After its RAF career it was restored back to flying condition and flew demonstrations at many airshows between 2008 and 2015. Costs and availability of technical support eventually grounded it by 28 October 2015. XH558 is now on display at Doncaster Sheffield Airport in the UK.
Acrylics on Canvas 120x70cm (47×27,5inches)
‘They got us our freedom’

Acrylics on Canvas 120x70cm (47×27,5inch)
On the evening of August 24th 1942, Vickers Wellington III serial BJ831 code JN-? Of 150 Squadron RAF, took off from Snaith in Yorkshire UK at 09:01PM as part of a Group of Wellington Bombers. Heading towards their target in Germany, they ran into flak wounding Sgt Matthews, one of the gunners, and damaging the starboard wing. The aircraft was forced to return to base. Over Belgium it was shot down by a German Night Fighter and crash landed, killing Sgt Neville Charles Holdaway (Royal Australian Air Force, age 25), Sgt Keith Lash Matthews (Royal Air Force 150 Sqn, age 20) and Pilot Flight Sgt Harry Malfroy Thompson (Royal New Zealand Air Force, age 28). The other members who survived the crash were taken prisoner and would all perish during the great marsh.
The aircraft crashed in the hamlets of Kersbeek in Belgium, a 2 minute walk from my doorstep.
The crashsite is marked by a gravestone, holding the names of the crew that perished on site. The men themselves have been buried in the local churchyard. Every year on the 24th of August a remembrance is held, organised by our local commune and officials, the Belgian Air Force, and representation of the various countries these young men belonged to.
Every time I go on my walks, I pass this crashsite, this is my tribute to these few men, part of thousands that gave their lives in the quest for freedom.
‘First Navigation Solo’
This painting is dedicated to my Dad. His flight took place on December 6th, 1970 out of Antwerp Airport in Belgium. The aircraft was Cessna 150E registration OO-SIC.
Acrylics on canvas 120x90cm (47×35 inch)
‘Twin Starfighter’

Belgian Air Force TF-104G Starfighter Trainer flies above the clouds on a training mission in 1967.
Acrylics on Canvas 90x70cm (approx 35×27,5 inch)
‘Nemo me impune lacessit
1st Squadron Hawker Hurricane Mk1 H-25 takes off from Schaffen-Diest Air Base in 1939.
Acrylics on Canvas measuring 100x70cm
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‘Return From Training’

Belgian Air Force F-104G Starfighter FX30 returns to its base at Kleine-Brogel from a training mission to the Vlieland Bombing Range in The Netherlands.
Acrylics on Canvas 90x70cm

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