Johan Bringmans — Aviation Artwork

The making of a painting

Producing a painting takes time, first the subject requires some necessary and thorough research into the type and versions of an aircraft, any historical elements, the background, etc.
In most cases the background needs to be completed first, this is not always the case, sometimes I work the other way around painting the aircraft first. It depends on the complexity of the back and foreground, the advantage of a background first approach is that you can still change the position of the aircraft.
Blocking in colors and detailing the aircraft requires a good deal of attention and checking of references.
Adding the basic outlines of the aircraft…
Painting the background, especially with a waterline mirror-effect requires some planning…
Painting clouds is a lot of fun!
Adding aircraft to a scene…
The making of the painting of Captain Martijn Vleminckx
The making of the painting of the Dassault Mirage 5BD
The making of ‘Princess over London’